Meet our Team

Our dedicated team of passionate educators serve our students and their families from a deep rooted love of people and commitment that all individuals can and will learn. Through sincere effort, self-discipline, and skillful delivery of instruction, we make every minute count. We believe our first responsibility is to pinpoint the exact area of need for your child, take data on their progress, and to interpret the data to guide us in building an individualized curricular plan. Inspired by the uniqueness of your children, we love what we do and strive to inspire them to become a positive influence in the world.

Our Director

Janet Dolan
M.Ed. University of Washington Area of Special Education
B.A Gonzaga University English Literature
Minor in Speech Pathology
K-12 Teaching Certificate

Following 14 years as a public school educator, Janet saw the need for specialized instruction for individuals with learning differences or those who had missed a portion of their education due to illness, frequent transitions, or inconsistent curricula. While working on her Master's degree from the University of Washington in Special Education, Janet took an interest in Precision Teaching . She then worked in public schools at the secondary level. In search of the most effective, positive teaching methods, Janet trained at Morningside Academy for Teachers and traveled to highly successful schools and learning centers throughout the US and Canada where Precision Teaching, Direct Instruction, and TAG Teaching were implemented. The result of that tour was a desire to provide individualized tailored instruction to support the education of those who might be struggling or want to improve their academic performance. With every student she has learned more and continues to be amazed at the potential and progress of our youth.

Our Instructors:

Ellen Byng
M.Ed Deaf Education, Boston University
B.A. English literature and creative writing, University of Rochester

Ellen earned a degree in English and creative writing from University of Rochester in 2008. During this degree, she also completed concentrations in math and physics.

She continued her education at Boston University, earning a Master's degree in Deaf Education in 2010. Since then she has taught and tutored classes in high school American Sign Language and English before moving on to work with special needs elementary and preschool children at Northwest Center Kids and the Evergreen School.

She enjoys working with preschool, elementary and secondary students in all areas of the curriculum, including math, science, English literature and writing.

Laurie Rohrick
BA Degree in Elementary Education/Human Environmental Science

Laurie Rohrich graduated with a BA Degree in Elementary Education/Human Environmental Science from Seattle Pacific University. She began her teaching career more than 19 years ago in a small K-12 school amidst the beautiful Cascade Mountains in the small rural town of Skykomish. There, she had the pleasure of working in a multi-level elementary classroom setting. Laurie eventually enjoyed the opportunity to be the Title I Director/Teacher where she worked with students from kindergarten through high school. Following the birth of her 3rd child, Laurie took time off from the classroom setting to foster and educate her own children.

She trained in the Lindamood-Bell Lips program as a method for retraining the brain in the way it processes sounds. Since 2007, she has worked with students in a one-to-one setting. Her greatest enjoyment is the students who she gets to know over time, the growth she sees in each of them, and the confidence they gain as they reach that aha moment.

Brian Fleischman
B.A. Psychology, University of Washington

Throughout secondary school and college, Brian cultivated his passion for education by working with children with disabilities and preparing high school students for their next big step. Brian scored in the top 10 percentile of his graduating class in the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and was accepted into Kaplan's SAT Preparation Instruction Training Program. After graduating from the University of Washington with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology in the fall of 2007, Brian continued on his track toward becoming a better educator by teaming up with Janet Dolan, benefiting from her years of experience and applied practice. Brian began teaching at Dolan Academy & Learning Center in January of 2008 and has worked with children from ages 5 through 45 in a wide variety of subjects, most commonly high school mathematics and SAT preparation. Brian is now the sole proprietor of Brian Fleischman Educational Services and continues to work with students regularly at Dolan Academy & Learning Center.

Maureen Fleischman

Maureen brings over 25 years of teaching experience to Dolan Academy & Learning Center. She served as a Speech/Language Therapist in the public schools, and also taught in the regular elementary setting before completing her Master's degree in Special Education. In addition to teaching in Learning Center, Self-Contained and Inclusion settings from pre-school to grade six, Maureen has served as consultant with the Educational Therapy Center of Littleton, Colorado, where she facilitated teamwork among students, families, teachers and administrators. It was there that Maureen developed her passion for helping young people recognize and realize their potential. She carries this passion to her current position as teacher in her integrated special education classroom in the Northshore School District, and now to the Dolan Academy & Learning Center.

Dolan Academy & Learning Center does not discriminate against individuals or groups
because of race, color, creed, religion, gender, age, or national/ethnic origin.