Celerate then Celebrate!

Precision Teaching was developed by Ogden R. Lindsley, Ph.D. Using a Standard Celeration chart, Dr. Lindsley blended heart and science to guide instruction and accelerate the frequency of skills by continuously measuring individual performance. The goal is to build endurance until a learner can maintain higher frequencies over longer periods of time.

Athletes, musicians, and movie stars know the value of practice until critical foundation skills are automatic and accomplished, almost without thinking. Precision teachers provide clear, direct, and sequential instruction of manageable bits. We make practice fun, efficient, and effective, without hours of boredom and unmonitored trial and error by adding the element of time.

Care Enough to Chart!

Assessment is continuous and cumulative to track both acquisition and maintenance of concepts. Students record their progress and actively participate in setting goals which are taught to a fluency (accuracy plus speed) that makes them easy and stress-free. Data is recorded and feedback is immediate as learners are reinforced for their efforts in a positive environment. By charting performance, the teacher is held accountable for whether, when and how to change instruction; we do not get to blame the student!

Accurate assessment pinpoints specific areas of need. No time is wasted on skills already mastered. Once component skills are mastered, more complex skills are achieved with greater ease. Learning opportunities decelerate and corrects will soar! Students take control of their learning as skills generalize effectively to a variety of disciplines and environments.

Every Minute Counts!

Direct Instruction

My turn . . . Our turn . . . Your turn
MODEL . . . LEAD . . . TEST

The assumption of Direct Instruction is that all children will learn if taught effectively. Learning is sequentially characterized by small steps, and lessons are scrupulously efficient. Our program is designed so teachers do not engage in long explanations, and children produce a high rate of responses per minute. We simply pack more practices into a period than in traditional learning environments.

We do not ask our students to recreate the wheel, but we do take the guesswork out of learning!

ABA Therapy

University of Washington trained therapists design and implement comprehensive early intensive behavior intervention programs. We provide science-based clinical services which have proven to be highly effective and replicable in alternate environments with other people at different times.

Tag Teaching

TAG teaching (Teaching with Acoustical Guidance) allows practitioners to pinpoint precise skills and give immediate effective positive feedback to students. Trained by Karen Pryor, our director has streamlined the learning process to make learning fun and efficient. Individuals are positively reinforced for their successes without the emotional entanglements of too many words. Just as gymnastic coaches train athletes with the TAGteach system, individuals train for academic improvement while competing only against themselves, not against others.

Dolan Academy & Learning Center does not discriminate against individuals or groups
because of race, color, creed, religion, gender, age, or national/ethnic origin.