What Parents are Saying:

"Our son's improvement is remarkable. He had one of the highest scores in math!"

- Lynda G.

"Last year, David's combined English Placement score was 28, compared to the 75 he scored today! This means he can enroll in Eng 097/098 and 080 in September". At 28, he neither qualified for a remedial nor general education English course at the community college.

- Mae N.

"I am so pleased with Sarah's progress - she is really blossoming and it is phenomenal to see her shine from within. You are doing a great job!"

- Stephanie H.

"I just wanted to let you know that Josh got an A on his essay and that his teacher is keeping it as an example because it was one of the best ones he's received."

- Susanne

"The Dolan approach is genuinely exceptional. The teachers are experienced, thoughtful, and remarkably adept at optimizing the learning experience. My daughter's teacher immediately established rapport while providing individual sessions that focused on her specific areas of need. After being more than a year behind in reading, she advanced to grade level in less than four months. My daughter has fully accepted the point of view that learning is an opportunity; it can be both challenging and fun. Moreover, she is now more self-assured regarding her schoolwork and truly looks forward to her Dolan sessions after school."

- Keith H.

"Thank you for being a great partner. Know that all this success we are now experiencing comes from your hard work as well as our daughter's - but only because you inspire her to do her best. Thank you, thank you!!!"

- A proud mom.

"Our son is thriving, and we are so happy with his progress. Dolan Academy has made it possible for him to have a unique learning environment with all of the support he needs. It has been such a blessing to him, and to us, so thank you!"

- A grateful parent.

"Hi I am SO excited regarding further growth and development at Dolan Academy as an ideal center for learning with a focus of kind positive intervention -- giving our kids a place where they feel safe, cherished, and loved."

- Dr. G.

What Teachers are Saying:

"Your son has become a much more focused learner since being coached by his academic tutor. He has also become an enthused author who takes pride in the pieces he writes, as well he should!"

Dolan Academy & Learning Center does not discriminate against individuals or groups
because of race, color, creed, religion, gender, age, or national/ethnic origin.